John Clark

Co-Founder & Managing Director

With over 30 years of hands on experience leading people and processes, John Clark embraces a continuous improvement mindset in his approach to drive business performance. He leads through clear and open communication, and creates commitment throughout the organization to the delivery of business plan priorities.

John has held a wide and diverse set of roles across many functions within IKEA, on a local, national and global level. He co-founded Harvest Business Consulting alongside his long-time colleague Ian Ridgway. Connect with John Clark on Linkedin.

John’s many areas of expertise include:

– Strategy Development
– Process Engineering
– Coaching, Mentoring and Competence Development
– Data Mining
– Budgeting, Forecasting, and Profit & Loss Management
– Operations Management


Testimonials – John Clark:

I worked with John when I was at IKEA. He is smart, creative, a critical thinker and will challenge the status quo. He has high energy and always delivered what he promised. – Don Ball, Chief Financial Officer, IKEA North America Services
John is an excellent management professional with superb intellect and communication skills. I was able to work with John during my time at The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the change he brought was a breath of fresh air. His competent and collegial style allowed me to feel confident to take risks and try new challenges. Without his support, I am not sure I would have been able to grow and advance as I did. John worked very hard to improve our work culture into to one of mutual respect and open and clear communication. As such, these are hallmarks I look for in other companies I work for or with. John is a reliable and trustworthy individual and I highly recommend his work. – Karen Paluso, Campaign Manager, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
I had a great pleasure working with John in the USA. John has proven to be a great leader and colleague. I am very impressed with his knowledge in supply chain, retail and business steering. John is always open to change and trying to improve the performance in organization, involving people and maximizing the potential of his team. – Maxim Bubon, CEO, Self Storage



IKEA Group, Commercial Business Navigator


IKEA Group, Acting CFO/Business Navigation, Operations & Finance Manager


IKEA Svenska Försäljnings AB, CFO/Country Business Navigation, Operations and Finance Manager - Sweden


  • BA, Russian Language, Penn State University